I should mention that for the first ten years of my life I have to resort to mom as I don't remember much before my parents divorce. So we're kinda stuck with mom's memories.

When I was four my sister was born. We went to Disneyland via camper. Supposedly this is on videotape somewhere but I've never seen it. The only thing I remember about Disneyland is that I wanted one of those Mickey Mouse shaped ballons but I couldn't have one because my mom is allergic to helium when it's close by. I also remember going on the Queen Mary (?) boat which is haunted and remember seeing ghosts.

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  1. Amanda said...
    Even though I'm from California, I've only been to Disneyland once. We're NorCal people :) I was seven and like a dozen families from my church all caravanned down there and did Disney and Universal Studios. US was fun, but I got the stomach flu for Disney. I got to go on one ride the entire time we were there. So sad.

    But last spring the girls I studied abroad with and I went to Disneyland Paris. It was so much fun! We ran around like children again all day.

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