In my opinion, the women ABC finds for The Bachelor are absolutely effing crazy, which is why I love to watch the show. Apparently women all over North America are crazy for single-dad Jason from Seattle. I said apparently, although I think freaky stalkerish sounds better.

I always learn interesting things about women watching this show. For instance, who knew that as I approach 30 my eggs are rotting! Or that I can still be a pagent queen at 29! I also did not realize that deceased husbands send their wives and mothers of their children happiness by encouraging them to go on The Bachelor. Who knew!

Ladies, ladies, ladies don't...:

  • wear an orange dress because Jason's son's favorite color is orange, and especially don't tell Jason that's why you're wearing the dress!
  • tell Jason you're so excited to meet him after watching him on last season's The Bachelorette, it just sounds crazy stalkerish.
  • ask about hot dog toppings...although this would probably work on me.
  • wear Bubba teeth.
  • giggle like a Playboy bunny on a trampoline.
  • and pagents are not the new pink.

This is the kind of crap I live for!

Edits: Apparently "girls have a woman's intuition." Wow! I had no clue. The vision board thing is probably something I would do on a rainy day, maybe something to do with mom, but I wouldn't use it to pick up men. I also would keep my boobs IN my dress, not lowly hanging out of my dress.


  1. Amanda said...

    when the dental hygienist kept saying, "i swear i'm not a stalker" i just kept thinking, oh hon, stop saying that! look at his face! he thinks you're a stalker! yet...a rose.

    but hey, i'm seriously considering making a vision board...because "the universe is listening".
    Kel said...
    Do you think if I make a vision board for law school it would work?!

    The poem, the hot dog, the dancing and yes, the stalker talk were ridiculous. It's why I adore this show.
    no634 said...
    "deceased husbands send their wives and mothers of their children happiness by encouraging them to go on The Bachelor."

    You can't be serious.

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