13: started smoking in my backyard. YUCK! Continued off and on for many moons. Officially stopped around age 26 (?). At thirteen I was a frizzy haired ugly child who wore mens suits to school.

14: had an encounter with Kurt Cobain at a party. I was on something, he was on something. Enough said.

15: After five years of living with mom I realized that I needed more discipline. So I made arrangements to live with my dad. At 15 I made the best decision of my life. Had I not chosen to move I'm pretty sure I would have continued down the road exemplified above. Looking back on that decision I have to say that I'm really proud of myself for recognizing that I NEEDED something different and that I was the perfect person to instill that change in direction.

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  1. gudnuff said...
    holy crap, you're scaring the bejeezus out of me. This post, and the movie Thirteen (with Holly Hunter and ?)...boundaries, discipline, parenting and NOT being a buddy. OK, I'm listening now. Thanks.

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