It's Monday already?

Are Mondays good for a Debbie Downer moment?

The readings seem to be longer this semester and thus making briefing much more difficult.

I've been spending a lot of time re-adjusting to law school now that I have my grades. My goal is to use my time wiser than last semester and better organize the material I'm learning. To accomplish this I've been hanging out with new folks. It's not that my previous friends are bad or stupid, it's just that they are poor influences on my time management goal. For instance, I hardly get any studying done during the day between classes and well, this needs to stop. I suppose it doesn't NEED to stop, moreso kinda stop as those two hours could be spent reviewing or something.

For everyone out there who started Contracts last semester I envy you! My school has somehow come to the conclusion that Contracts can be taught entirely in one semester! Imagine Contracts three times a week! Beautiful eh? So I'm about to become a huge contract geek, or well attempt to. I don't know how far I'll get considering how much I despise my professor. He's the type who loves to hear himself speak, and of course he is ALWAYS right and enjoys talking over you and holding class late. If it's one thing that bothers me it's people who love themselves so much that they are condescending to others. I feel like it's perfectly normal for me to have expectations of him, just as he has expectations of us (and tells us these expectations daily). For example, I expect that he begin and end class on time. In return I'll respect him by not arriving late for class. Seems like a good deal to me...however we'll see what he thinks.


  1. New Kid on the Hallway said...
    Heh. We only have one semester of Contracts, too (but we had it last semester). It is a crazy amount of material!
    Anonymous said...
    We only did one semester of contracts...but it wasn't that much material. It's just rehashing the basics and putting spins on it.
    Kel said...
    I just have to be on top of things for this class! If both of you can do it then I can too!
    gudnuff said...
    I gave a shout-out to you about this post on my blog. For some reason, this post kinda spoke to me.

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