I went out with a bunch of law school friends over the weekend. At first I was excited! Hooray! Fun times ahead! But no...because once you reach your magical age* you realize that it ain't your job to take care of all those drunk asses. Furthermore, it's no longer fun to go out with the sole intention of getting wasted.

As the night progressed I just got more annoyed. The worst was when I had to pull friends out of the bar because they were too drunk to stand. Not cool. Ahem! Not cool no matter how old you are!

So you know you're old when you realize that you're the one acting like a responsible adult. And for those of you out there who think you can be drunk and responsible I urge you to think about the last time you had to hold someone's hair back to puke, get them to drink crap loads of water, and help them into more comfortable clothes. Also throw in the time it takes to drive them back to their cars in the morning, the apologies you have to make to complete strangers for your friend's behavior, and cleaning up any vomit from your car or house.

I'm old...

* Each person decides this age for themselves. I was 26 when I realized I was too old for this crap.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Oh man, I had this experience during one of last semester's first bar reviews. It was moderately amusing at the time, because it was sort of a blast from the past to be around people in that state, but the next day I thought.... nah, not going to do that on a regular basis. It actually made me feel content about being old. I don't see anything fun about hangovers.
    Anonymous said...
    and this is why i never go to bar review anymore. i can handle going out with my "friends" from MY section because they have a little self-control (only a little)...but law students in large numbers get brave and then they get drunk. and ugly drunk.
    i went to college on a dry campus so never experienced this in college (happily) but now it's like getting to observe the whole frat, drunken debauchery thing. except that nobody sent a memo to these law students that they're not frat boys anymore ;)
    Anonymous said...
    I was sixteen.
    Totally and ultimately feel you on this post. In its entirety.

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