In your first semester of law school you pretty much try to stay afloat. You read and brief for class, you review for class, you think about what is going on. Now...for the second semester...I'm realizing who has given up doing any of the above. In some ways this is good for me as it can only improve my grade if others choose not put in tremendous effort. In other ways I'm stuck watching professors try to work with students who just don't care enough to prepare for class anymore. And I'm only on week three...I can't imagine what April will look like.

My study habits are slowly changing. Last semester I book briefed but now I'm trying the whole briefing thing. I'm finding that I follow along more in class because of it. There is just something about typing out your notes that just synthesizes things better. I'm also reviewing for class more which is something I never really did last semester. I've also found that I'm reading so much faster, with con law being the exception of course.

So things are interesting here...

Throw in couples forming, cliques, mean stupid girls, and condescending upper-classmates and you've still got law school. Lovely!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    those are pretty much word for word the same thoughts I've been having this week :) I'm back to full briefing too (I only lasted a few weeks first semester) and even though it takes longer I do feel like I'm catching more of the details than last semester. And the brief is kind of a security blanket in class when professors get frustrated that two people in a row aren't prepared and decide to take it out on me (that's happened 3 times!).

    downhill to the weekend!
    (oh, and if you want to update it I'm blogging here now instead of onel)

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