Crazy Times Here

Gudnuff wondered if I closed up shop. Nope. I've just been laying low in the hopes that Nosy Nancy tells me she knows about this blog. She hasn't mentioned anything yet, but she did admit to reading my e-mail over my shoulder, and well blog comments appear in my email.

So I had to have a conversation with her about how it's not nice to snoop. I think I handled it well and at least now I don't have to change seats in every class.

In other areas, my brief assignment this semester is already kicking my butt. Any tips for persuasive writing out there? I picked up The Winning Brief by Brian Garner which has a lot of suggestions for writing a brief. I tend to like Garner's work. His new collaboration with Scalia has also been recommended to me as a general narrative for persuasive writing.

So far I'm doing well handling the workload but a brief along with con law and contracts are driving me insane. Then add two other classes and exhaustion and you have one crazy law student.


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