So yesterday I referred to my neighbor in class as "Nosy Nancy." Today she made a comment about not wanting to seem nosy but noticed an e-mail I had up and referred to it. So a possible security breach may be present!


If you do know who I am I would like you to be honest and tell me that you know about this blog. I hope you respect my anonymity regarding this blog as well.

It's not nice to snoop, however I know we all have our tendencies.



  1. Anonymous said...
    I didn't do it. :(
    That's lame. I keep my shit on the dl too. Hope things get sorted out.
    Laughing said...
    Sounds like an overall bad situation. I'm sorry that you have to deal with this. Maybe she needs a dose of her own medicine.
    Kel said...
    Well, it's not too bad. However she used the word "nosy" today and I really didn't talk to her much.

    I do think its rude to read over someone's shoulder that much. Is there any privacy in law school?
    JD Maybe said...
    I say coincidence.
    gudnuff said...
    Now, this may be totally jumping the gun, so forgive my impatience if that is the case. But, I'm wondering if you don't feel safe posting here anymore. Did you decide to close up shop? If you re-open under a different name/url, you can email those of us who are following you here and we'll follow you again. Doing it that way will allow you to essentially screen out the unintended/unwanted viewers, like people at your school, for instance. Just a thought. Hate to see you just disappear. Thanks!

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