I didn't explain my slight absence over the last couple weeks. As I told you before I just wasn't feeling like blogging. Well, in all reality, I really wasn't feeling much of anything and I'm still working through things.

When I made my decision to go to law school I knew that I wanted J with me throughout it all. We've been apart since August and it's really starting to eat away at me. I'm usually a very independent person but in this case I really want my partner in crime around to do all things couple-ish. I also want him around for the fact that he isn't in law school. My entire support network in this city goes to law school with me and I'd like to branch out a little. So I've been a bit down lately. And this isn't a good way to start the semester.

The thing about law school is that it can easily make you feel like a robot. I get up, I go to class, I study, I study some more and go to bed only to repeat myself the next day. I've really missed not having someone to come home to. A phone call isn't the same. Hopefully things will brighten up and he'll be over here soon.


  1. paragon2pieces said...
    that is a tough situation to be in! hope things start looking up soon.
    Kel said...
    Thank you. Thank you very much!
    Anonymous said...
    I really get that...it's so hard to be surrounded by law school all the time. I'm sure it's even harder missing your s.o. but I've even struggled having all my close friends far away. It's gotten better (less robot-like) since I've started meeting non-law types but it's still tough.
    Hang in there!
    Laughing said...
    I'm sorry that this has been bugging you lately. It sounds like your situation is very similar to mine and so to that extent I know how you feel. I've even considered trying to fix my schedule next fall to have class only 2 days a week, moving back to hometown (where BF works) and just commuting. It sounds crazy at first, but its really no crazier than what BF is doing (ie the reverse) and if it will keep our relationship together, and keep me sane it would be worth it.

    I think you benefit from being self-aware enough to recognize the needs you have in terms of a support system, and also from being invested enough in the relationship to vocalize them (even just on your blog). I definitely admire that - its harder to do than it seems. I also know that one of the most frustrating things for me is the very limited advice I get from people who are trying to balance school/life with a partner who is there 7 days a week. I hope you can find a solution that works for you & J that doesn't sacrifice too much of one thing or another - and if you do, let me know! Please please feel free to email me if you're interested in chatting about it/working out some stuff by sounding off.

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