I'm annoyed today

Here is why with possible solutions:

  • people who fail to cover their mouths when they cough should be subjected to medical testing. There are these tiny things called germs people! And it's flu season!
  • people should be aware of the fact they are in a library, a place known for peace and quiet, and thus not crunch down on carrots or chips. This person should truly be taken out back and have foods crunched into their ears until they swear to never do this again.
  • people should recognize that public displays of affection are not the norm WHEN YOU'RE IN CLASS! At the minimum get a study room! (Which is what they are rumored to be used for at my lovely school.)
  • people who watch tv programs loudly in class to draw attention to themselves should be put on deserted islands to rid themselves of the "me, me, ME!" outlook on life. I don't want to watch The Hills, or Gossip Girl before class, ACTUALLY NEVER!

I feel better now.

What annoyed you today?


  1. Anonymous said...
    The guy who sits next to me gnawed on a carrot for like 10 minutes before class started. Gnawing sounds creep me out.

    Prof Torts basically READ the casebook to us for 90 minutes. But attendance is mandatory.

    The UPS man came while I was in class, even though we're on a first name basis and he knows not to come before 4.

    Annoying! But, the good news is that tomorrow is FRIDAY!
    Anonymous said...
    Use nicecritic.com that should fix em!

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