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All but one of my grades has been posted. The grade that hasn't been posted is the one I'm most curious about because I thought it was my best exam. Grades are interesting. I kinda know where I sit amongst my classmates now and it bothers me. When I was a graduate student all I had to do was maintain a 3.00 GPA which was simple, even when you're taking all math courses and grades weren't really taken into consideration by employers either. Now, I'm "competing" with 60 others and I'm starting to feel like maybe I don't know how to do this well enough. Don't get me wrong, I am content with my grades. There is always room for improvement...yada, yada, yada. BUT this is where the what ifs start appearing. What if I study more! What if I did more practice exams! And the thing is I may just always be in the spot I'm at, regardless of what I try. I just have to be appreciative that I'm not the last in my class.

What bums me out is that there are law students in my class that will be eager to discuss grades on facebook and in class when we start next week and I can honestly say that I don't want to know how others did.

So, if you are talking about grades around me beware! My formula response will be, "Do you want to share your sex life too? Because that's pretty personal."

I just have to remember that grades can't necessarily network for you. And if there is one thing I can do it's network and talk to strangers. Sometimes a pleasant personality can open a lot of doors for you. At least let's hope it does.


  1. Amanda said...
    I know...not being last is supposed to be comforting somehow, but it really isn't. And you're right - grades don't network for you. I'm just settling it in my mind that my grades don't speak for my qualifications - I DO. Every job I've ever gotten has been because of knowing someone and convincing them to take a risk on me or create an opportunity for me...not because of my GPA.

    If you actually say that line to your classmates who ask about grades, please blog about it! The visual in my head is hilarious...
    Anonymous said...
    I think your personality will eventually keep others from talking to you about grades and anything else.
    Courtney at Blogging Matilda said...
    Ugh, I can so relate, our grades are still not up! None of 'em. And FYI the grade competition only get worse as you go :(
    Kel said...

    Are you aware of my actual non-blogger personality? Because I find your comment interesting. Sometimes law students spout everything about their lives to anyone around them in class. Grades are bound to come up and have previously. I'm not trying to be harsh, moreso sarcastic. I'll try better to correct whatever I write on this blog that is somehow making me come across in an unfriendly light. That is not my intention.
    paragon2pieces said...
    I've never been one for discussing my own grades, but what does it hurt if others want to congratulate themselves for doing well or mourn bad marks?

    Part of establishing a valuable network is getting along with your fellow classmates. A simple "congratulations" or "sorry you didn't do as well as you hoped" can go a long way. The office of the firm I worked at last summer hosted ten summer associates. Four of us are from the same law school. The firm cared about our perceptions of one another.

    And although I haven't heard of a law firm using this technique, there are plenty of stories of firms (ibanks, consulting) asking interviewees which fellow interviewees from our MBA program they would least like to work with and why.

    Hope the last grade you're waiting on turns out to be a good one and best of luck with the start of the new semester!
    The Exit said...
    Grades suck and nothing good can come of talking about it in class. Unless everyone (within earshot of the speaker) received the same grade, someone is going to feel less than adequate ( which they shouldn't, but its sort of hard not to) or they will feel bad for bragging (which they should feel bad about). Grades should be kept between you and your future employers (lets keep our fingers crossed on that one).
    Kel said...

    For the most part I completely agree with you. Those individuals that I speak of are more the gunner types and are a select few. I agree that a hug or a congrats can do a lot for a working friendship.

    I also agree that grades should be kept between yourself and future employers. Try telling this to my classmates though. I had one professor last semester lecture us on this only to have someone announce her grade quickly after class.

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