The Bar

Two very dear people to me are taking the bar exam this week. In fact my brand new laptop will be used to take the exam. I haven't even started law school but my laptop will take the bar...interesting...

My boyfriend J, or the Janitor as I've previously referred to him as, is taking the bar and flew there four days ago. He has had to endure no electricity in 90+ degree weather (long story there), dropping his phone and having it die, and learning there is a local Guitar Hero competition in the next conference room from where he is taking his exam. Nice. Let's hope these misfortunes come with bar success.

I will be SOOOOO happy when it's over since I've spent very little time with J. Watching him study has really made me question whether I could be that disciplined when it's my turn. We'll see..hopefully I won't get cold feet like this person.


  1. Strange Bird said...
    That seemed a lot worse than cold feet... that seemed like serious clinical depression. Avoid the depression and you should be okay. ;)
    Shells said...
    I offered up my new laptop for the bar cause too. Luckily B declined! I'm so excited this is all almost over. Until I take the bar, that is. I think it actually has been good to watch him study, because until you've seen it firsthand, it's hard to grasp the sheer amount of material you have to learn in a relatively short amount of time. At least we know what we're getting into :)

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