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Ever since I discovered the ease of Google Reader my life has been wonderful. However I subscribe to more feeds than I can keep up with. Then I discovered Google Gears which allows me to read Reader offline. This doesn't exactly help me since I am rarely offline but it means that I don't have to worry about connectivity.

So last week I was able to catch up on my feeds. These are some of the things I starred for one reason or another. Some are old, some are new so you may have seen these elsewhere.

Don't you put it in your mouth
Friday Funny: Making fun of feminist stereotypes
Yogurt: What else could a woman need?

Law and Academics:
What if IX applied to math and science courses?
Gender and the Elite Law Reviews
The Ivory Ceiling: How Academia Keeps Women Out

Ruining a Law Student's Life for Fun and Profit
Is the key to reducing your carbon footprint in your ass?
Supply or Demand?
The Naked Truth: Security vs. Privacy


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