A Good Idea

After reading The Legal Optimist's 100 Day Challenge I thought I'd join in. I'm just a tad late in announcing it. I decided to add books and minor school supplies to the clothes and cosmetics. I ruled out some staples though since I'll need my bulk soap and conditioner soon. And I also ruled out thrift stores since I usually get lucky in my finds. A school library card should help me with my book fix and over the years I've collected more pens, pencils and highlighters than I'll ever use. So my end date is Halloween! I figure if I can make it to Halloween I'll reevaluate and try to make it until Christmas.

This is an excellent challenge for me for at least three reasons. First, I'll save money-money that I'm borrowing. I'm not making money and technically I should only borrow what I need.

Second, it will encourage me to lose a little weight so that I can comfortably fit into everything I own. I haven't been very active lately and my jeans are letting me know. Instead of buying new clothes I'll have to work out. I've already lost about 2 pounds and have been keeping track of my calorie intake via FitDay. (I love this site since it counts the calories for me AND keeps track of my exercise. Plus, it's FREE!) With walking around campus and to the bus stop I should reach my easy goal of seven pounds.

Finally, I already have a lot of clothes. They may not be the latest styles but they'll function for class. I have several suits and business attire just from previous jobs. I have tons of casual everyday clothes and more than enough pairs of shoes. If I freak out and tell myself I need something it will most likely signal an urge to conform or a sign of insecurity--both of which I'd like to avoid in law school. (yeah, good luck with that!)

This challenge already sucks because I too would love to shop the anniversary sale at Nordstrom for these. I've also been on an Etsy kick. I love looking through the jewelry pages. At least I'm not doing this...although it wouldn't hurt.


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