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I love, love, LOVE Rachel Ray's recipes. I just can't stand listening or watching her. She has way too much energy for me. For the most part her 30 minute meals are easy and done just under the timer alarm. She just forgets to tell you that it takes another 30 minutes for clean up. The extra trip to the store for ingredients not normally used is also not mentioned.

Tonight I used three burners and the oven for dessert. Ugh! We tried the Devilish Sesame Chicken over scallion toasted rice (wait, why am I capitalizing this?) and for dessert peach paddy cakes. Both recipes can be found in her August magazine. I needed parchment paper for the baking to which J asked why the resume paper? I had to explain that no, resume paper is not used, and that it is in fact baking paper. Don't ask me why it's used, as I have no clue. J has an excuse though, a little exam known as the bar, which is less than a week away. After which my life should be normal for at least two weeks. In the meantime dinner was well worth the effort! Yum-O!

I can't believe I just used one of her lines...


  1. Shells said...
    I feel EXACTLY the same way about Rachel Ray. Food - awesome. Voice? Not so much.

    We got a set of her stainless steal pans for Christmas and they rock. And I've been meaning to get her 30 minute meals cookbook. I figure once school starts, any way to feed myself under 30 minutes would be great. True about the cleanup though. B can do that! Ha!
    Kel said...
    Finally! Someone who agrees with me. Her voice and mannerisms drive me nuts. I like her cookbooks but not as much as I like her magazine. A subscription is only $18 and you get more recipes in a year than her cookbooks. There are also more pics of the food in the magazines which is what I like.

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