The following conversation occurred while shopping in a crowded Deseret Industries thrift store.

Kel's sister: Hey, you want a Magic Bullet?

Kel: Only if it's a vibrator.

Kel's ma: Yeah, like YOU need one.

Kel: What's that supposed to mean?

*Deseret Industries is a Mormon-run enterprise.


  1. Laughing said...
    Yikes! Uncomfortable moment.

    Anyhoo, thanks for all the comments on my blog - its great to know that somebody reads my inane thoughts.

    I love your blog too! Go (almost)1Ls :)
    Kel said...
    Actually I purposefully said my part. I was trying to embarrass my family, however it didn't go as planned.
    Anonymous said...
    LMAO - That is hilarious.

    Love your redesign by the way. Was this a blogger theme or did you create it yourself? Very nice...

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