The last time I tried to become a new resident of a state it took FOREVER! My application was actually denied twice. They were confused as to why I didn't own a vehicle. Certainly you must drive!--they said. No, that's what the bus is for. Then they wanted to know all this parent crap that did not pertain to me, nor my age. The whole process still does not sit well with me.

Now that I'm officially moving from this shit-hole of a state I have to start the residency process all over again. So here is what I did today, I went and renewed my driver's license for the state I live in today. It had been expired for about six months. The clerk at the grocery store was always keen to remind me when I bought beer. I played dumb every time and it became our little game. He knew what was up and I still got my beer. Now I don't know about where you live but here you've pretty much have to get to the DMV at 8am to have a chance of getting anything in under an hour or possibly that day. At 7:55 I was about the 30th person there but having mad line skillz I quickly jumped in when the announcement for "numbers" came. BOOYAH! Number 10!!

So the clerk asked me why it took so long for me to renew my license and I told her I was moving to a new state. She asked why I was getting it renewed and I told her that if I had a valid license, the new state wouldn't make me take a driving test. Yep, I was paying to avoid parallel parking. You'd consider it too if you saw my lack of skillz. She asked when I was going to get my new state license and I said tomorrow. Yep, today I got a driver's license and tomorrow I'm going to get another one! So, tomorrow after a long day of driving I will officially be one step closer to new state residency! Take that out-of-state tuition!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    You're lucky. I'm starting a public law school in the fall and they basically told me that it will take me almost two years to get residency because I'm a student and not buying property there.

    And the school told me to forget about ever paying in-state tuition, even for my 3L year when I'm a resident. :( Womp.

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