Is this suitable?

I have a wedding to go to soon. My boyfriend's best friend is getting married. My reaction to this wedding? Eh. Marriage is a topic you don't want to discuss with me. Especially if you believe there is nothing wrong with marrying someone after a month. I also hate weddings with a passion.

Now we are stuck having to get a gift even though we were nicely asked to refrain from giving gifts. WTF! Gift or no gift, either way we're screwed. Makes me wonder what Larry David would do?

So, I came across this on Boing Boing. I love Boing Boing! We are 95% positive we're getting it and 60% positive we should put it on the gift table to be opened in front of many. We're 100% positive she'll hate us even more than she already does. I should mention that this is the woman who leaves the table when the word porn is used in any way. Porn is one of my favorite words, so basically she and I have never talked. She also doesn't understand we're totally screwed.

On the other hand we completely feel that testicle talc is a must for the modern groom. What man wouldn't use it for their honeymoon?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hilarity. Will the groom appreciate this?
    The Legal Optimist said...
    Seriously? Won't her parents be there to see it? Maybe it's better for the bachelor's party.

    Did they register?
    Kel said...
    Yes, the groom would love this gift. In fact he is the type everyone always gets gag gifts for.

    And her parents? She is 33, a parent herself and divorced. I think her parents have a better sense of humor than she!

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