My number 2 school has a Yahoo Group of which I'm still a member. So each time someone posts something I still get to see it. This has been strange because many people have used the group to get to know each other and even plan house parties. There is a huge get-together this weekend and I'm slightly jealous. I think it would relieve some of my nerves if I was given the chance to meet some students prior to orientation. Looking at my orientation schedule there doesn't seem to be much time for getting to know each other. Hopefully I'm wrong about this.

So I know more about these people and their school than I do about my own class and in some ways it feels strange. It makes me wish my school did something similar. I wonder when or if I'll even be rejected from this list...


  1. The Legal Optimist said...
    You could make a facebook group for your school. There is still time to plan a get together (BBQ, bar, or coffee meet & greet) before school starts.

    My future classmates went overboard and have planned one or two events for each of the six days prior to orientation. It was all planned through facebook.

    Or you might be able to check if your school has anything planned via law school forums like top-law-school.

    I'm sure your school will plan something fun during orientation so you'll be able to meet lots of people even before classes begin.
    Kel said...
    Good ideas however I'm more of the lurker type. And I'm not into using Facebook.

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